The Princess & the Frog…in her throat.

Hear ye hear ye… her royal highness Princess Shu Shu Fontain, is going in for a little nip and cauterize. Thats right, you can all kiss those adenoids and tonsils sayonara. 

Today is the big day. The one her mother, the queen, has feared –ever since she suspected that a 35 lb, 4-yr-old shouldn’t snore like a dirty, fat, trucker. So just in case her majesty, the queen, is unable to tell you all a tale for the next couple of days, you will know why! But who knows… she very well may just have MORE stories to entertain… You’ll have to keep your eyes out.

Damn I HATE being up when the birds are waking. It gives me flashbacks to the old days, which results in an immediate hangover…poo.