Welcome Back!


Oh my dears, I have thought about you a lot lately.  I, once again, must apologize for the neglect.  Now you know how my family feels.


So what the hell?  You may ask…


Where have I been?  You could be wondering…


Who the fuck cares?  Most would reply…


Well I want to sum it up for you real quickly if that’s alright with you.  I’m sick of it, I’m over it, & I will not BORE you with the deets.


I’ve been here.  Right here, all along.  Trying to come up with something funny to tell you.  Coming up b-l-a-n-k.


The only thing I’ve been able to concentrating on is my head hurting. Yup.  That’s all.  I’ve had a headache, or headaches…depends on the way you look at it.  Do you consider the hour, a couple of times a week that this monster dies down as a pause from the same headache or the beginning of a new one?


Positron emission tomography functional imagin...


Something good that has come from these chronic daily migraines, or cluster headaches, or occipital nerve problems, or sleeping disorders or all the above- has been that now with the oodles of knowledge my achy head has absorbed resulting directly from the vast tests, doctors appointments, medicines, side-effects from medicines, & WebMD searches I have earned my faux PhD.


I’m not really a Dr I just play one, all the time.  It annoys the shit out of everyone.


For reals, ask my friends & family.  I have already diagnosed 1 with postpartum, 3 with allergies, 1 with bipolar disorder, 1 with a drug addiction, 1 with sleep deprivation, 1 with multiple personality disorder -after I found her face attached to a motorcycle magazine “models” body- & all of this just within the last couple days.


I still have research to do with a couple of cases I’m working on but you’ll be the 1st to know when I’ve “House’d” the shit out of the others.


The original lead dramatis personæ of House, M...


With all the diagnostic work going on around here you can see how I have run out of time for much else.  ie: laundry, dishes, bathing.


I also have come across a down-side to being a stay-at-home-over-the-web/email-Doc.


I fear that those living in the blocks surrounding my house have come to view me as the crazy old bitch that never leaves the house & more than likely is sitting in her house full of cats peeking out the window @ the neighborhood goings-on…




#1, I do leave my house, sometimes.  To smoke usually…remind me to tell you about how my father-in-law spotted a real-life fire that I started last weekend… but don’t tell my mom, if I haven’t already, I can’t remember.  


#2, I leave at LEAST, 4 times a week to take the kids to school & for Dr’s appointments, sooooo, suck it.


Sorry for the bad mouth on my 1st day back.  I’m a skootch uptight about this subject at the moment.  I’m not a normally teary person & I can only guess it’s from the 3+ days I’ve gone sans Zoloft.  I forgot to have it refilled, again.


Zoloft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I only really noticed it when I felt that bizarre tingling in my face, my nose & then my eyes got blurry…


What’s this?  Another “migraine” symptom?!  I bolted to my computer yelling out to google…


Holy moly…not headache symptom… I was tearing up.  Besides the Zoloft what set me off?  It dawned on me & then I was pissed.  Then that made my eyes want to leak too.  I’m debating tearing up because I may have made an azz out of myself this evening in front of the neighbors.


Don’t know their names because they’ve only lived there for like a year & I don’t take part in meeting many new people.


I really never know what’s going to come out of my mouth so I just stay away…especially if it’s people who I may have to see all the time.  What if I need someone to tell me my front porch is on fire.  -again?


I’m not saying I’m some loose cannon or anything cool like that.  -filled with danger & dripping with mystery.


I only get crazy on the blog because I can’t see your reactions as I’m talking.


Otherwise there’s a good chance (unbeknownst to me…until way too late)  I’d be attempting to adjust my conversation by the look on your face which really somehow still comes out sounding like the same jacked-up story it always would have been but I’d be adjusting the tone of my voice up & down so much that we’d all be nauseous by the time I was done.


That, and I would mispronounce perfectly normal words.  For example instead of the word “e X ample”  I would have said (probably more than once), “ex TH -ample”.  No matter that I’ve never had an issue with that word before in my life.


So instead of meeting new people, I just choose to keep it to myself.


Keep friends that I’ve known forever.  -or met while drunk at the bar.  No worries about anyone remembering the conversations that went down not the random turrets/speech issue.


Oh crap.  I’m tired.  I’ll have to tell you about the neighbors tomorrow, promise.




This feels like something one of our friends would say, or may have already said & it makes me laugh.  Not out loud, but straight rollin’ on the inside.

MUST HAVES for Back 2 School!

Had I been a little quicker on my posting, I would have been able to show you all a prime example of just how keen my sense is for finding the latest & greatest items around.  But for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Whilst searching as far as the eye (of my computer can see) I stumbled upon a pretty cool lunchbox.  To fit my criteria as being latest & greatest & to be put on my “must have” list, these items have to

a.) not be found at your local Walmart.

b.) be amazing in design

& of course

3.) FUNCTIONAL.  I’m not gonna lie.  Although at times I wished I would choose fashionable over functional but lets face it, I’m a tired mom of 2.  If forced to choose between the two, functionality will always win… for now.   

One product to meet all 3 of my demands are the cool stainless steel lunch boxes & carrying cases from planetbox.com.


Planet Box

They are dishwasher safe, have many separate compartments that won’t allow the food slip from one to the other.  What’s cool about that?  No need for plastic baggies.  Really no need for any extra trash at all.

Made from recycled material this product is 100% recyclable & although the company feels that you will love this product for a lifetime if you are through with it & don’t care to recycle the lunchbox yourself you can send it back & they will recycle it for you.

The only weird part about this statement to me is that if someone is too lazy to recycle this then they probably are too lazy to mail it back as well.  But I like that the thoughtfulness is there.  It’s like I dog breeder that tells you that if it doesn’t work out with the dog you bought to bring it to them instead of the pound.  I think it shows that they really care about this product & the enviroment…oooor… maybe this company’s idea of recycling is to wipe it out & send it to the next paying customer?  “refurbishing”  I don’t think that’s probably the case & I don’t really care.  They are stainless steel & dishwasher safe.  I’m fully capable of running a load of dishes & never looking back.  It’s cool with me if that’s what you all do.

You can buy them from their website & get just piece by piece or buy a kit.  The whole kit costs $59.95.  But you will save $3.00 by not using baggies!  Let’s see,  I probably use 6 boxes of baggies a year… x’s $3 is $18.  Doesn’t sound like much of a saving, right?

Multiply that $18.00 by the 50 years you can use this lunch caddy & you got a savings of $900!  Thanks planetbox!

So this kinda pricey kit includes the lidded stainless steel divided tray (there are like 5 little spots for foods, designed to promote portion control & well-rounded meals), the carrying case in your chose of colors (which has separate pouch for icepack), a set of 2 dippers with lids (holds your wet messy foods) & 1 magnet set.

Magnet Set??!  Say Whaaat?-

One of my favorite things about this lunch box is that it’s magnetic.  Planetbox offers a bunch of different designs to decorate the outside.  I really like this because this lunch box can be shared through the years, from the kids to the husband.  No need to buy a whole new one only a new set of magnets.

So I’m sure you can see how this would make my list of must have’s for back to school!  And I wish I had not been lazy, and instead posted it just a tiny bit sooner.  I could have really looked like a trend setter.  Ok, maybe not a setter but a spotter for sure!  Look what the fuck I got in the mail last night…

Dot and Owl Planet Lunch Boxes

Camo and Robot Planet Lunch Boxes

Hmmmm, planetbox for Pottery Barn!

I should have known that corporate giant would have been 2 steps ahead of me.

Whatever, this is just proof that I know what I’m doing.

Pottery Barn’s exclusive line of planetbox lunch-ware for now, only has 2 designs for girls & 2 for boys.  The carrying cases are a bit cuter than the regular ones I just wish there were more to choose from.  Even products sold at Pottery Barn (which I do LOVE) would be too easy to make my “must haves”.  This hopefully being the only exception!!

I assume if they sell well, next year you’ll see more designs being added.  Pottery Barn’s kits are ten dollars more, making them $69.95.  Yes, these are flipping expensive for a kids lunchbox but I do think they could be worth it.

Shopping tomorrow…this is what I’m gonna buy…


Below you will find my Choices for Shu Shu’s Back to school wear.  I was unable to get out Thursday, (big surprise) so I’ve been amping up for tomorrow!




We’re Bustin’ Out!

Bad Babies

Thank God someone let me in on the little secret!  Back to school is right around the corner & I couldn’t be more ready – I mean the kids couldn’t be more ready!

I have been suffering all damn summer from my usual headaches & when you combine that with the Bitty Man’s feeding schedule along with this hellish heat, you get 3 people who have come down with a terrible case of cabin fever.

I may take them tomorrow to scope out the back-to-school shopping scene.  I haven’t been shopping in so long, I may have forgotten how!  Don’t worry though, I’ve kept myself pretty caught up on the latest trends for fall.  Yes, I am one of those people who thinks that tots, dressed like mini grownups are one of God’s most awesome gifts.

I have Shu Shu’s entire wardrobe already planned out in my head.  Now it’s a just matter of finding everything I will need to fill up the dresser drawers.  Sort of a fashion scavenger hunt.  Home-girl has grown more this summer than I think she did her 1st five years.  So she needs new EVERYTHING!!  I’m stoked.

My inspiration for Princess Shu Shu’s  Back-to-School “looks” I would describe as Geek-Chic -meets- Prep School -meets- Modern Military -meets- Jet Setting Luxe -meets- Over the River & Through the Woods -meets- Our Grandmother’s Vintage Throw.

What the F does that mean?  You’ll have to check back with me.  I’ll show you!

P.S.  Why not nearly as excited to begin the Bitty Man’s wardrobe?

1.)  Boys clothes, though much better than in the past, are still a bit less thrilling.

2.)  I do have plans for him but before I can even ALLOW him to skip off to school there is something more important that needs to be tackled.  Yes, more important than clothes even.  I have to figure out how to get him to quit using the F-word.  Wish me luck!

Patience is a pain in the ass

I have been working on something.  Here, behind the scenes.  Please be patient.  Hopefully it will be worth the wait!  uh, but Don’t hold your breath.