MUST HAVES for Back 2 School!

Had I been a little quicker on my posting, I would have been able to show you all a prime example of just how keen my sense is for finding the latest & greatest items around.  But for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Whilst searching as far as the eye (of my computer can see) I stumbled upon a pretty cool lunchbox.  To fit my criteria as being latest & greatest & to be put on my “must have” list, these items have to

a.) not be found at your local Walmart.

b.) be amazing in design

& of course

3.) FUNCTIONAL.  I’m not gonna lie.  Although at times I wished I would choose fashionable over functional but lets face it, I’m a tired mom of 2.  If forced to choose between the two, functionality will always win… for now.   

One product to meet all 3 of my demands are the cool stainless steel lunch boxes & carrying cases from


Planet Box

They are dishwasher safe, have many separate compartments that won’t allow the food slip from one to the other.  What’s cool about that?  No need for plastic baggies.  Really no need for any extra trash at all.

Made from recycled material this product is 100% recyclable & although the company feels that you will love this product for a lifetime if you are through with it & don’t care to recycle the lunchbox yourself you can send it back & they will recycle it for you.

The only weird part about this statement to me is that if someone is too lazy to recycle this then they probably are too lazy to mail it back as well.  But I like that the thoughtfulness is there.  It’s like I dog breeder that tells you that if it doesn’t work out with the dog you bought to bring it to them instead of the pound.  I think it shows that they really care about this product & the enviroment…oooor… maybe this company’s idea of recycling is to wipe it out & send it to the next paying customer?  “refurbishing”  I don’t think that’s probably the case & I don’t really care.  They are stainless steel & dishwasher safe.  I’m fully capable of running a load of dishes & never looking back.  It’s cool with me if that’s what you all do.

You can buy them from their website & get just piece by piece or buy a kit.  The whole kit costs $59.95.  But you will save $3.00 by not using baggies!  Let’s see,  I probably use 6 boxes of baggies a year… x’s $3 is $18.  Doesn’t sound like much of a saving, right?

Multiply that $18.00 by the 50 years you can use this lunch caddy & you got a savings of $900!  Thanks planetbox!

So this kinda pricey kit includes the lidded stainless steel divided tray (there are like 5 little spots for foods, designed to promote portion control & well-rounded meals), the carrying case in your chose of colors (which has separate pouch for icepack), a set of 2 dippers with lids (holds your wet messy foods) & 1 magnet set.

Magnet Set??!  Say Whaaat?-

One of my favorite things about this lunch box is that it’s magnetic.  Planetbox offers a bunch of different designs to decorate the outside.  I really like this because this lunch box can be shared through the years, from the kids to the husband.  No need to buy a whole new one only a new set of magnets.

So I’m sure you can see how this would make my list of must have’s for back to school!  And I wish I had not been lazy, and instead posted it just a tiny bit sooner.  I could have really looked like a trend setter.  Ok, maybe not a setter but a spotter for sure!  Look what the fuck I got in the mail last night…

Dot and Owl Planet Lunch Boxes

Camo and Robot Planet Lunch Boxes

Hmmmm, planetbox for Pottery Barn!

I should have known that corporate giant would have been 2 steps ahead of me.

Whatever, this is just proof that I know what I’m doing.

Pottery Barn’s exclusive line of planetbox lunch-ware for now, only has 2 designs for girls & 2 for boys.  The carrying cases are a bit cuter than the regular ones I just wish there were more to choose from.  Even products sold at Pottery Barn (which I do LOVE) would be too easy to make my “must haves”.  This hopefully being the only exception!!

I assume if they sell well, next year you’ll see more designs being added.  Pottery Barn’s kits are ten dollars more, making them $69.95.  Yes, these are flipping expensive for a kids lunchbox but I do think they could be worth it.

We’re Bustin’ Out!

Bad Babies

Thank God someone let me in on the little secret!  Back to school is right around the corner & I couldn’t be more ready – I mean the kids couldn’t be more ready!

I have been suffering all damn summer from my usual headaches & when you combine that with the Bitty Man’s feeding schedule along with this hellish heat, you get 3 people who have come down with a terrible case of cabin fever.

I may take them tomorrow to scope out the back-to-school shopping scene.  I haven’t been shopping in so long, I may have forgotten how!  Don’t worry though, I’ve kept myself pretty caught up on the latest trends for fall.  Yes, I am one of those people who thinks that tots, dressed like mini grownups are one of God’s most awesome gifts.

I have Shu Shu’s entire wardrobe already planned out in my head.  Now it’s a just matter of finding everything I will need to fill up the dresser drawers.  Sort of a fashion scavenger hunt.  Home-girl has grown more this summer than I think she did her 1st five years.  So she needs new EVERYTHING!!  I’m stoked.

My inspiration for Princess Shu Shu’s  Back-to-School “looks” I would describe as Geek-Chic -meets- Prep School -meets- Modern Military -meets- Jet Setting Luxe -meets- Over the River & Through the Woods -meets- Our Grandmother’s Vintage Throw.

What the F does that mean?  You’ll have to check back with me.  I’ll show you!

P.S.  Why not nearly as excited to begin the Bitty Man’s wardrobe?

1.)  Boys clothes, though much better than in the past, are still a bit less thrilling.

2.)  I do have plans for him but before I can even ALLOW him to skip off to school there is something more important that needs to be tackled.  Yes, more important than clothes even.  I have to figure out how to get him to quit using the F-word.  Wish me luck!

Fuzzy Balls

Good morning, good morning!  Some of you might be wondering what the frick has happened to me.  Most of you won’t have noticed I was absent, which is fine too.

I couldn’t really tell you whether I’ve been crazy busy w/ little-to-no time to think of anything to write -or- if I’ve had so LITTLE going on that I have nothing, not even a good grocery store story to share -or- if I’ve been in Barbados with my husband celebrating a belated 6 year anniversary trip.

Well, I guess I can tell you it wasn’t the last one.  Though we did just celebrate 6 blissful years together.  Who knows when those years will be, probably not for another decade or so, but we went ahead & celebrated them anywho.  -kidding…

I think my life at the moment may be a little of both.  Too crazy at times to think about setting down & sharing… & then when the crazy dies down, it’s so damn boring that my mind can not think of anything I would possibly deem worthy of any you reading.

Yesterday, I did have an experience that I will share.  Don’t get too excited here.

I heard the girl holler to me from the bathroom.

*Never a good sign, since she is now almost fully in charge of her own wiping…  especially if when she begins to yell you can’t find her brother.

“Ahhh, he’s trying to put som-ting in the toilet!”

Here we go again.

Upon entry to the bathroom I am faced with my two kids.  1 screaming & the other with a smug look on his face, almost a smile.

I look into the toilet & see a fuzzy ball.

*Fuzzy balls at our house are used as a form of bribery, currency, an incentive for good behavior which can be later traded in for treats & toys.  This should be no surprise that neither child has accumulated enough to cash in.

Since the ball is little & I have zero plans to stick my hand in her pee for anything less than a cell phone, I flush.

Shu Shu screams holding her hand out, “NooOOooOOOoo!!”

She’s dramatic.

As the yellow & gold ball swirls around the toilet for the last time before being sucked down the drain, the boy breaks his silence.

…and with 1 snap of his tongue – 1 finger gun – 1 air kick & 1 wink he shouts, “BOO-YA!”

Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun

Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The irony of him flushing his “good behavior reward” has not be lost here.  I would laid the smack down here if he were not just so damn cute.

A toilet with the potentially dangerous arrang...

A toilet with the potentially dangerous arrangement of the seat being up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Advice to those looking for advice…

While I was making the weekly grocery list out I remembered something I had meant to share.  This is more for the fellas who, for some reason read my blog.  Well, it’s for those fellas that are reading my blog and looking for love in all the wrong places.  Like the grocery store.

Remember when tv shows used to say something about meeting people in the produce aisle, like it happened all the time?    Weird.  The only people who really have hit on me at the grocery store have been the teen aged boys refilling the produce aisle.  …and that’s only after I’ve had a spray tan.  I’m serious.  I am never given a second look unless I have recently been sprayed.  (Let me know if anyone is looking for an amazing spray tan.  I’ll give you my girl’s name.)

Anyway, I pulled up to the grocery store & parked my car.  At the same time a dude, a little older than me (25) was parking in front of me.  He had two kids in the car with him that were probably a few years older than my own.  Did I mention he was driving a Geo Tracker?  This may seem like a small detail to some but to me, this is a huge part of what helped me determine exactly what I was dealing with.

And what was that you ask?  A dude driving a Geo Tracker.

1992-1997 Geo Tracker photographed in Montreal...

1992-1997 Geo Tracker photographed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Category:Geo Tracker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t mean to offend anyone out there that is a fan of this pint-sized, out dated car that screams I’m the coolest 16-year-old on the block.  I wouldn’t have given it a second thought had it not been a man who later would confirm my suspicions of douche bag-ed-ness.

So he’s pulling in at the same time that I am.  I can tell before even getting out of my car that he’s arguing with the two kids in the backseat.  I laugh to myself, for a second I’m giving him a small gift of empathy…in my mind.

Once I’m out of the car & can actually hear him & all that support I was handing him …in my mind, was gone.

The last thing I heard him scream at the kids was, “I SAID LOCK THE DOORS!!”

Had he not been growling at the kids nonstop, he may have heard little Timmy point out that the bomb ass tracker they had pulled up in had no sides.  No top.  What was the point of locking doors?  (not to mention it’s a geo tracker.  the only reason anyone else would be close to it would be to snap a pic with their phone to later post to facebook.)

–Running into one of those is as likely as seeing a double rainbow.  or a 4 leaf clover.  or a unicorn.–

Gilt statue of a unicorn on the Council House,...

Gilt statue of a unicorn on the Council House, Bristol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So as I walk in, I decide that this guy is dumb.  Lock the doors.  What a goob.

In the produce aisle I ran into this clan once again.  Literally.  I almost ran right over  little Timmy w/ my cart.  Which is no big deal, I typically run into at least 1 kid while shopping.

The guy, I’ll say it was his father.  I don’t really know for sure.  He didn’t have his birth certificate on him.

His father, grabs him out from in front of my cart, which he clearly had jumped in front of & apologized to me.

“No prob bob,”  I tell him while I continue my way to the pork chop display.

Pork chops, cooked and served.

Pork chops, cooked and served. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As soon as I pass by, I can hear the father, yet again, yelling.

“Hey, you watch where you are going!  Are you a baby or something?!  Are you a baby that needs to ride up in the fwont seat wike a widdle baby would?”  I could have punched him in the face I was so annoyed.  Not only by his shitty attitude but for his terrible baby talk impression.  he continued to beat this poor dead horse, “Huh, are you?  Are you a widdle baby?”

Irritated, I glanced up at this family.  The father gave me some creepy, 1/2 smile as if  his ability to embarrass his 6-year-old in public was turning me on.

I gave him my best (which is really damn good) “you’re a complete douche bag & deserve to live alone for the rest of your life” look & kept it moving.

Moral of the story here fellas, if there are any fellas that still read– is that women… ok, MOST women, will not find berating a child in public to be a quality that is desired in a man.  Period.  Most women are built with a maternal chip inside of us that will instead, make us want to throw acid on you- not rip our shirts off.

Word to your mother.

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, (5 yrs ago) in a land far, far, away (Lee’s Summit) a little tiny 8lb 4oz angle was about to make her debut.  It was Princess Shu Shu Fontain.  Though she would prove to be a stubborn little thing, the entire kingdom was eagerly awaiting her arrival.

After 18 hours of waiting for her to peek her head out of her toasty warm womb the Queen grew impatient.  She commanded her royal subjects to go in after the hard-headed Princess & drag her out kicking & screaming.

It was a long wait but she had finally arrived & forever changed the lives of the King & the beautiful Queen.  -Had I mentioned the Queen was beautiful?

5 Years later, we celebrated the Princess’s birth with a jubilee, at Chuck E. Cheese.


Tuesday AND Wednesday!


Tues was a nice, quiet day.  Well, it would have been quiet if the kids were gone, but it was a day with out ANY appointments.

I was outside when I remember how silly it was that Shu knew the date yesterday… HOLD UP- DID SHE SAY YESTERDAY WAS THE 14TH??! -Oh, wait- shit what time is it?  12:27?  Today’s the 15???

I ran to my calander.  Dread set in.  I have missed MY OWN Dr’s appt by 27 mother f’ing minutes.  I had been on the waiting list for this Dr for 2 months when I decided to call to see how much more waiting would be required.  Then I missed the damn appointment.

Worst part is getting “a-talkin-to” from the gal that scheduals appointments on how if I missed another I would be kicked out of the neurology patients who are patient club.

Good news was that she was going to give me 1 last chance.  On the 14th.

of August.  Sweet.




Nothing much to report here except my husband was in our room while I was getting ready to, I don’t know… go somewhere, I guess.  I pulled my spanx up & already knew there would be something coming out of his mouth about my dearest friend.

I’ll be the 1st to admit that I’m a bit protective of my spanx.

“Do you wear those things every time you leave the house?”

I growled at him, “You’re…just…jealous.”

“…of your spanx?  Why?”

“You’re just jealous that they get more ass from me than you do.”

then I don’t remember what happened after that.

update on my updates -Monday the 14th of May

ok, sorry, I thought for a minute that I had these from last week set to auto-post.  I didn’t.


(the 14th apparently)

Monday, so I already told you all about the 1st part of the day.  (remember, it was awesome?  little dude had tests, sweet traffic situation heading downtown, bomb ass parking spot, test turned out not to suck, had good results, AND we were outta there before the time we were scheduled to start, AND didn’t get that speeding ticket I so deserved… now you remember, right?)

Well, in the spirit of equality, my husband and I decided to give the girl of ours a test too.  Didn’t want her to get jealous or anything.  We asked her if she knew how to spell ‘bathroom’.

She replied with, “Uh, No. -but I know that today is the 14th.”

She was on to us with that 1 question.

The little student in her is just dying to read & write.  She perhaps was just practicing?  Below is the door to our bathroom.

She DID admit to us that it was her.  We were really hoping for an awesome, crazy Shu Shu story about her brother doing it.  No we got the truth.  She said she wanted people to be able to find the bathroom.

and daddy’s smoker.  I guess.

Sum it Up – “Sunday”

I have not written in a minute, so I thought since I have a second, (I don’t really) I would just sorta sum up my week.  I’m not at all sure how this will turn out… soo-

UPDATE: it turned out long, so I will post each exciting, exhilarating day separate so you don’t overload on awesome.


 Happy Mother’s Day!  This year, I do belive this was the greatest one I’ve had yet. I was allowed to sleep in, I then woke up to a beautiful family, which once I got the eye-boogs wiped away, I saw that it was MY family!

Those darlings had come bearing gifts.  I received a card picked out by my baby boy & signed/decorated by both kids, I got a card from my dear husband

I got the youngest cousin of my very favorite pudding cake from P Chop (I love red velvet.  Suckers only had strawberry cream cheese -it was a good enough sub.)  and last I got a pair of Mizzou sweats that I had dropped hints to the little ones about for weeks.

Honestly, I never saw the allure of huge baggy ass sweats.  Never.  I’ve always been a yoga pants sort of gal, but let me tell you folks, as I sat there…on my couch…shoving strawberry cake into my mouth, I was thanking my lucky stars that such an amazing pair of huge soft sweats existed AND that they were on my ass.

Once I demolished the cake, I took a bad-ass nap.  My husband took the kids outside so they would not wake me by arguing over toilet paper as Shu Shu drops a deuce in MY bathroom.  –That part didn’t work, but he tried.

Once I “officially” woke up, I was presented with steak, scallops, shrimp & pasta… right to my bed -no I’m kidding, to my table.

So yes, this was my favorite one yet.  A day filled with a few of my favorite things, sleep + kids home (but outside) + sweats + cake + more sleep + fat amazing dinner = fat happy mama.  Hope you all had a great one as well!