Gimme A Break…

English: A Kit-Kat that has been split in half.

Image via Wikipedia

Ya know, I was flying down 291 this afternoon & as I rounded the corner, steering the car with my knee while I struggled to open a VERY reluctant Kit-Kat Bar -it dawned on me…


Vanity plate

Vanity plate (Photo credit: Steve Bowbrick)

…personalized license plates are also a distraction.  The government must be handing ‘em out like xanex at the bowling alley.  If you are going to continue to allow this government, I have to ask that they make them (along with shoe polish writing) legible.  Again, it’s the constant eye contact that’s required in figuring out what the fuck you’re SOoOo down with, that your life would not be complete without a license plate dedicated to this subject.


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