Target HQ

Image by smcgee via Flickr

Sometimes…I say something really stupid.

Thank God my husband is here to catch & alert me to each one.

The other day it was:

ME:  “Ohhh, somebody had better call Target & warn the I’m about to drop a load!”

Tough Guy:  “Hell yes someone had better give them a heads up.  Why wouldn’t you just drop your load at home before you leave?”

***I knew as soon as I said those words that it wasn’t going to get past him.  Again, why is it only the dumb stuff he hears?***

ME:  “I meant drop a load of cash, not poo.”

Anyone that can tell me something equally jacked that they have said, is welcome to leave a comment.  It might make me feel less stupid!

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4 thoughts on “Stuuupid

  1. UGH!! I have got a MILLION of these…..although I cant remember them. But you know who can?? My husband. I will ask him and then i can add to this.

  2. I am dying laughing at work picturing this conversation occuring between you and Joe and the look on his face, lol!
    I say stupid stuff all the time but I immediately block it out and couldn’t tell you what it was.

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