1 Fish, 2 Fish, Pee Fish, Poo Fish

Shu-Shu’s Nana bought her a new Princess game for her TCR.  (It’s a little hand held game actually called an IXL but Shu Shu insists that it’s aTCR…not worth the fight-for sure.)  So she got a new game cuz Nana had gotten little bitty man-man his very own TCR. 

I spent a thousand hours after dinner getting software loaded onto these flippin game things & personalizing them for the kids.  I got them all set up on Shu Shu’s bed, TCR’s in hand(s) -time to hop into the shower.  Ahh quiet..(& not the even the quiet where you are a little nervous because it’s never that quiet, but you still don’t actually check beacuse of the off chance they ARE being good, like all was right w/ the world.)  5 min into the shower I can hear Shu Shu screaming & running down the hall.  First thought was of course, to ignore it.  Her dad’s out there.  But before I can shave leg #2 I can tell that this is no ordinary disaster…this is something serious.  I wrap the towel around me, run out w/ only 1 leg shaved (hey, it’s 1 more than normal) to see what-the-what was going on! 

Shu-Shu looked up at me w/ huge tears rolling down her face & said that the fish on her game scared her.  (You need to know that this fish is a precious, cartoon goldfish that blows bubbles & when you put the stick on it he will do a flip out & back into his little fishy bowl.)  What’s there to be afraid of?  Well, Shu’s not entirely convinced that the goldfish will get back INTO his bowl.  In fact, she thinks he’s waiting for the perfect moment to make his move & jump out of the game & into the real world.  -Ok at this point it’s late.  There’s no sense dragging this out w/ her.  So I suggest that if she’s afraid of it, we should turn it off.  It’s jammie time anywho…  She seems to be down w/ this plan. 

O…K… so silky jammies–check / TCR put up in the livingroom–check / potty–chee… OH HELL NO!!  She started into the bathroom & you could see her slam on the brakes a mile away.  Here come those BIG ol tears… she is stomping her feet, shaking, crying like a mad woman… now she’s pretty sure that fishy …is in her toilet. 

I spend about an hour sitting in the bathroom discussing how the fishy was in the game -not in the potty.  I’m not real sure that she finds me to be very honest for some reason anymore.  Lately there has been a look of doubt when we talk.  Her bro-bro comes in.  Which cracks me up because he, is still in diapers, but he’s dying to be a big dude.  He waltz’s in, plops down on the foot stool that is setting beside the bowl, & rests his elbow on the pot checkin us out -as if it’s totally normal that mommy sits practically in the bath tub, w/ big sissy on her lap sobbing, trying to claw her way out.  Eh- no biggie. 

I’m kinda begining to laugh at this point because of the sheer ridiculousness of it all, when she manages to escape from the head-lock I had her in.  (I didn’t really have her in a head-lock Mom.)  I then decide to take a more gentle approach.  I explain that she had planned for Daddy & Bitty Boy to have a slumber party w/ her that night.  If she didn’t potty before they got into bed no one was gonna wanna roll the dice & just hope they didn’t wake up soaked in wiz. 

Soooo she thinks for a minute.  -I’m thinking I may almost have her…  Maybe she’s close to popping back into reality.  That’s when Mr. Tough Guy Dad, shouts from the other room (which is always something very helpful & insightful)  He tells her if she won’t pee in the pot she’ll have to wear a diaper.  Scowling, w/ red swollen eyes she looks up at me & says, “ok, I’ll go.”  you think the story’s over there… you’d be wrong-o.

Ok great, so I head back toward the bathroom.  Stomping one foot as hard as her tiny, little, 32 pound body can stomp, hands on hips, tears welling BACK up… “No, I want a diaper!  I’ll go in a diaper!”  -Not happening. “But my dad said I could!!!”  Then, another 30 min of explaining why her dad would joke about such things, she ask me to take the goldfish off the game.  The goldfish can not come OFF the game but what if we turn the game OFF.  Nope, not good enough.  Ok… what if we remove the batteries?  I’m thinking then there’s no way it can accidentally be turned back on, thus no way that goldfish can hop out. 

She says, “Ok.”  I took out the batteries.  She says, “alright I better go pee-pee so I can get to bed.  And off she tip-toed to the bathroom. 

The next morning the 1st thing she did was turn on the TCR & play the goldfish game.

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